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Reflexology  plantar

Reflexology consists of intervening in a precise way on the feet by massages, pressures and other appropriate techniques, with the aim of loosening the knots present whether they are  physical, psycho-emotional, relational….

Acting on the feet therefore provides both relaxation and stimulation of organic functions.

Massage réflexes du pied d'un enfant
Massage réflexes du pied

Reflexology can be adapted to all (adults and children), depending on age, disorders, pathologies.

Benefits can relieve ailments  physical and / or chronic such as  :

- Blood or lymphatic circulation problems

- Migraines

- Sleeping troubles

- Neuralgia, sciatica

- Joint pain, muscle pain

- Blood pressure

- Respiratory and digestive disorders

- Menopause disorders, fertility problem

- Disorders related to civilization and autoimmune diseases

- Hyper / hypotension, hyper / hypothyroidism

- Diabetes, asthma, allergies

- Side effects of drug treatments

But also emotional difficulties:

- Stress, depression

- Separation, mourning

It's a great method on the road to wellness:

- better blood circulation, by providing oxygen and nutrients,

- better elimination of toxins by the action of massages on the organs,

- appeasement of emotions

- better mobility

- relief of joint pain.

Course of a session :

The session began with an interview to better understand your state of health, your lifestyle and eating habits and to specify your expectations and answer questions.


Installed on a massage table and after cleaning the feet with wipes, I first practice relaxation movements to promote relaxation, then I start reflexology work.


During the session, I will ask you questions about your feelings and perceived sensations, so I will adapt my pressure.


At the end of the session, I will let you come to your senses and offer you a light snack.

The session (massage only) lasts 20 minutes for children, 40 to 50 minutes and their frequency varies according to the person.

A session can be included during the vital hygiene assessment.

Zones réflexes du pied
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