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Naturopathy is a natural health practice that is above all preventive and educational. It considers the person as a whole (physical, psycho-emotional and energetic).

This discipline is made up of 2 distinct but complementary axes:

  • Keys to a healthy lifestyle  optimum  (dietary advice, stress management, physical and respiratory activities and tools  and natural techniques: the naturopath  acts as a real health educator, within a framework of primary prevention 

  • Individualized naturopathic keys to revitalize self-healing capacities  specific to our organization

Restore, Maintain and Optimize Your Health

Thérapie par les plantes
Conseil alimentaire
Séances de réflexologie plantaire
Compléments alimentaires

Naturopathy is for everyone ( babies, children, backs, students, active, portable, pregnant women, young mothers and elders) , and for all diseases even those called civilization, including diseases  autoimmune are one of them.

These diseases are divided into 4 groups:

  • - cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, arteriosclerosis, ...)

  • - metabolic diseases (diabetes, obesity, ...)

  • - autoimmune and immunity diseases (chronic hepatitis, inflammatory rheumatism, allergies, etc.)

  • - degenerative diseases (rheumatism, neurological conditions, ...)

Some diseases were still unknown a few years ago and are now  become the norm. 5 million French people are affected.

Today, the causes of these diseases are known:

  • - intestinal hyper-permeability

  • - chronic acidosis

  • - heavy metals and endocrine disruptors

  • - hyper-medication

These causes are not exhaustive as research shows that thousands of factors contribute to chronic inflammation.

The field of health is a delicate balance because our body is a sophisticated machine but requiring optimal functioning.

Course of a session :

During the first appointment, the naturopath seeks to establish a naturopathic health check, taking into account the following aspects:

  • The person's needs and their expectations regarding naturopathy;

  • His personal and family history;

  • His illnesses and health problems;

  • The various treatments currently in progress;

  • His lifestyle (diet, work, physical activity, stress, emotional environment,…);

  • The use of reflexogenic methods to determine vital energy;

  • A physical examination if necessary.

The number of naturopathic sessions is defined from this first assessment. At the same time, the naturopath establishes a personalized program of vital hygiene, which can integrate different aspects:

  • A healthy and balanced diet or the follow-up of certain particular diets;

  • Adapted physical activities;

  • Relaxation techniques;

  • Taking food supplements, in particular to correct nutrient deficiencies;

  • The use of certain natural therapies, such as:



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